Flourishing Ideas

Nature gave us flowers! At any event or occasion, flowers are present. Creative flower designs and arrangements do wonders at any venue. Flower bouquets make a room magnificent and beautiful. Follow these simple tips to make your cut flowers last longer for a colourful and vibrant room.
Guide and Care Tips to flowers:
Clean your Vase
To prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses that can cause wilting and dehydration of your cut flowers, always clean your water vase thoroughly. Do not leave your vase to dry without proper cleaning as these bacteria and viruses may kill your new bouquets. Use a quarter of warm water when cleaning your vase.
Change Water Regularly
It is necessary to change and add good amount of water from time to time to maintain the freshness and avoid dehydration and wilting of the flowers. This also helps avoid bad smell caused by filthy water.
Clean and Healthy Water
A little amount of sugar into the water helps nourish the flowers and boosts the opening of the blooms. An addition of a little amount of vinegar or lemon that is stirred properly helps hinder the growth of bacteria and viruses. This will also keep your flowers fresher for a longer time.
Remove lower leaves
There shouldn’t be any leaves in the water so whether dry or healthy leaves at the outer part of the flower, they must be taken off. Removing these help the fresh stems to absorb more water quicker and better.
Use Sharp Knife to Cut
Do not use dull objects to cut the stems of the flowers as this can damage the tissue and can hinder its water absorption process. Also, cut the stems of the flowers an inch or 2 in an angle while these are under water for a faster water absorption.
Keep in Good Temperature
Do not put your cut flowers under direct sunlight to avoid the flowers from drying quickly. Display your flowers in a cool, draft-free place.
Keep Away from Toxic Environment
Flowers are also sensitive of pollutions like cigarette smokes and poisonous materials, so keep your flowers away from radiations and toxics. A filthy environment destroys the flowers so you need let them have fresh and clean air.
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